Artist statement

Artist Statement & CV

Caroline Devine is an multimedia artist based in East Durham. Accomplished in many disciplines from screen printing and landscape painting to using photoshop to design and digitally print her own fabrics.

Caroline’s work was featured in Nightfall event in Middlesborough last year which successfully became a Finalist in the Culture Awards 2017. Her textile sculptures were prominently featured as part of Enchanted Parks events in 2014 & 2015 at Saltwell Park, Gateshead. She has created artwork and constructed decor scenes for music festivals as well as indoor and outdoor public events. Caroline was a core member of the decor crew at Thimbleberry Music festival2005 - 2009.  Willowman Festival 2012 - 2013 Steve Williams contacted us back in 2012 to ask for some uv decor an to design artworks for the willow wobble stage and the surrounding marquee. Caroline’s prints and painted works have been exhibited throughout the region over the years.

Caroline main inspiration is natural forms to abstract patterns, her passion is to construct and recreate lifeforms and landscapes combining materials such as wire sculptures, flexible and tactile materials, reclaimed wood and recycled carpet remnants. She has always had a fascination of working with light and adapting it within her work using light to cast shadows and project patterns most of her work consist variations of fluorescents combine with ultra violet light to evoke a new life to her work. One of many recurring designs are large scale vines with highly detailed leaves and flowers usually in fluorescent colours inspired by growth and evolution these flexible pieces that fill a space with colour and are easily moved around and stored between jobs. 


Caroline Devine

Commissions/Collaborations and Exhibitions


* Collaboration with Cirque Bijou, East Durham Creates 'The Umbrella Project for

 Lumiere Festival Durham

* New Supplier of Textile Products at

Hartlepool Gallery

* The Handmade Collective Shop

partner & new supplier of textile products 

*A Part Of Mars Exhibition

Open call for artists with music collaboration 

Spectrum at Seaham 


* Nightfall 


Hand selected artist to produce and create a one off 

public art event based on light and the night sky

Commissioned by Navigator North, East Street Arts, 

Stella Projects with Arts council founding

Public Art Event

* Group Exhibition at Richmond Station 

with Hartlepool Arts Club


* Enchanted Parks 2015

Design and construction

Commissioned by Mick Stephenson 

Public Art Event 


* Work included in Saith Festival 2015

Light Fantastic collaboration with

Mick Stephenson and Stuart Langley 

public Art Event 


* DIY Workshop at Empty Shop, Durham

Multi-Media Workshop for 16-18 year olds

* Enchanted Parks 2014

Design and Construction

Commissioned by Mick Stephenson 

Public Art Event 


* Printing Workshop at Durham Sixth Form College


* Apathy In The UK Group Exhibition with The Free Birds

Bishop Aukland Town Hall 


* Solo Exhibition 'Hung Up By String' At Empty Shop, Durham


* Christmas Craft Fair, Hartlepool Church Gallery


* Degree Show Hartlepool Church Gallery 

* Designer Market pop up shop


* Premier Vision Paris International Trade Show

* Live Assignments with The Bowes Museum 

* Live Assignments with Tiger Print

* Knitting and Stitch show Harrogate 

Decoration @ Music Events


* WillowMan Festival 


* WillowMan Festival  


* Seismic & Force 10 Records Event Newcastle University 


* Seismic & Force 10 Records Event Newcastle University   


* Thimbleberry Music Festival


2005 - 2009

* B.A. Honours Textiles and Surface design

Cleveland Collage of art and Design

2001 - 2009

* B-Tec National Diploma in Art and Design 

East Durham and Houghhall Collage


* Special Award 

Easington district council art award 


* N.C.F.E Creative crafts media applications

* N.C.F.E Creative crafts and watercolours

* N.C.F.E In practical crafts


* The London Institute, Chelsea collage of art and design summer school placement.